Product Name : Active healthy body rhythm board
Product Description
Let your body move to activate your life energy

Structure: Whole piece of solid wood eco-splicing/surface plane treatment
Dimensions: 550mm x 300mm x 27/30mm

Product function:
This product will emit 6-14 µm beneficial growth light waves at room temperature, which expands the microcirculation system and promotes blood circulation. It is a health-oriented multifunctional product.
It is applied to activate the life energy through rhythmic body movements after the feet step on and get into contact with the product. Alternatively, during work or leisure time, place it statically under your feet and pedal, to achieve effective blood circulation throughout the body silently and unconsciously.
Product usage:
  1. Rhythmic movement after pedaling with both feet. (Used in combination of in-situ movement e.g. bio-energy exercises, Meimen Pingshuai exercise, etc)
  2. Use in static contact after pedaling. (e.g. both feet in natural contact with the product while sitting at work or watching TV)
  3. Kneeling knee and waist stretching exercises (please use a yoga mat) to activate blood circulation of the knee joints.
  4. Place it on the table as a liner for tea cups and tea seas when making tea, to enhance the taste and sweetness of tea leaves. Coffee is also possible (the change of taste and texture varies from person to person, please feel and experience by yourself)
  5. Put it on the table as a coaster for tea cups/tea sea when making tea. This improves the taste of tea leaves and sweetness after taste. It can also be used for coffee (the change of taste and texture varies from person to person, please feel and experience by yourself)
  6. Put it on the table as a coaster for daily water drinking. It can miniaturize the water molecule clusters so that the drinking water can penetrate deep into the cell membranes of the body, and be excreted through exercise and sweating to achieve the purification effect of the body.
  • When stepping on and moving rhythmically on the board, please choose the best position and balance to avoid accidents due to losing balance.
  • Before and after exercise, please drink sufficient warm water 200-300 c.c to warm up and moisturize the body to facilitate blood circulation.
  • It is recommended to exercise at least 20-30 min for each set of rhythmic exercises. To facilitate meridian operation of the whole body.
Have confidence, patience, perseverance, and exercise regularly. Believe that you can improve physical fitness, promote blood circulation, and improve your health.
*This product is for multi-purpose use, not limited to the exercise of the feet, but can also be used to change the taste of drinking water, tea, coffee, liquor, and whiskey. Used as floral decorations, table mat, etc. Use it beyond your imagination to bring more fun to life