G-Power bio-energy wooden floor and related wooden product series are a broad range of green energy and eco-friendly additive materials. Through medical R&D, combined with the application of photosynthesis unique to plants in nature, with ultraviolet rays in sunlight, carbon dioxide, water and soil; to create a green and eco-friendly material that has been scientifically proven to be energy-saving, eco-friendly, and carry pure natural plant energy.


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Life nowadays is stressful. Behaviors such as sitting for a long time in an air-conditioned room, overdrinking and overeating, are all unhealthy lifestyles, commonly known as lifestyle diseases, aka. civilization diseases. With unhealthy lifestyles, we easily catch cardiovascular diseases, chronic diseases, Cancer and other non-communicable diseases. These non-communicable diseases account for 71% of the total deaths. We should pay special attention to the following 4 major risk factors.