Test Reports

Sanitized® anti-mildew and antibacterial partner certificate

Sanitized® anti-mildew and antibacterial certification

SGS 7 heavy metals test report

SGS formaldehyde test report

China Institute of Technology Far Infrared Emissivity

Far infrared thermal imaging camera inspection

Test method and principle:
Place your palm on the G-Power bio-energy wooden floor and watch the changes for 3-5 minutes. The color of the palm changes after the action, which means that blood and far infrared rays resonate, which accelerates blood circulation and increases body temperature.

Microcirculation microscope inspection

Test method and principle:
By observing the peripheral blood vessels of the fingers, after the other hand is in contact with the bio-energy floor, the blood circulation is accelerated to prove the existence of energy.

Somatosensory test

    Test method and principle:
  • 1.Put both of your hands in the front and at the back in turn, clasp your fingers with the palm facing up.
  • 2.The tester uses his fist to exert force downwards. Don’t let your hands spread apart.
  • 3.With the same test method, first test without bio-energy products, and then test again after in contact with bio-energy products to see the difference.
  • 4.Experience the magical autonomic balance feeling.

Taste test

Test method and principle:
Prepare two cups of the same drink, one cup is placed on the bio-energy wooden floor, the other cup is placed aside. Wait for 30 seconds and then drink, savor the changes. The flavor is changed through the resonance characteristics of bio-energy and water molecules.

*Red and white wine, tea, coffee, lemon juice can be tested. Test order: drink cup A first with bio-energy effect, then the original cup B